TDI Facts
Technical Facts To get 100 Ohms of platinum wire inside TDI detectors means starting with a wire length of 250mm (10") the diameter of the wire if finer than that of a human hair.

The Alpha value of the wire has a tolerance of just +/- 3 parts per million. For the detector to reach DIN standard B the equivalent tolerance in length is equal to just 0.25mm (0.01").

A staggering 70% of TDI's detectors are to 1/5th of this tolerance, just 0.05mm (0.002")!

TDI leads the world in being able to produce in quantity to these tolerances.

TDI's production and checking tables have measuring performance similar to that used in a high quality secondary calibration laboratory.

All of TDI's are hand made from beginning to end.

Since the start in 1983 TDI has produced more than 6 million detectors.

TDI detectors find their way into space, have been used on Concorde, Formula One racing cars, nuclear submarines...

Applications are diverse from food testing, the brewing industry, textile production, pharmaceutical applications in fact every corner of science and industry.

When there is an application for high accuracy, high stability temperature measurement TDI detectors can be found.

TDI detectors are used in the worlds best Industrial Platinum Resistance Thermometers.